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Consists of 8 awesome translucent unit conversion cards.

The Unit Conversion Card Set

    • Each card set contains 8 cards - Length Unit Card, Area Unit Card, Volume Unit Card, Speed Unit Card, Mass Unit Card, Pressure Unit Card, Temperature Conversion Card and Metric Prefix Card
    • Made of durable translucent polypropylene (PP) plastic. It is tough, highly stable, heat resistant and chemically inert.
    • The dimensions of the cards are 85.5 mm x 54 mm (same as a credit card)
    • Produced by an experienced card manufacturer in New Taipei City.
    • All images are for reference only. The photos may be slightly different from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.
    • Number of cards: 8
    • Dimensions: 85.5 mm x 54 mm (with rounded corners)
    • Thickness of each card: ~0.29 mm
    • Material of the cards: Polypropylene
    • Weight of one card set (8 cards): ~13 g
    • Place of origin: Taiwan
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