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PassCard is a special card for securely generating and accessing various strong passwords for different situations. Endless password combinations can be generated from the graphics on one card. Even if someone picks up your PassCard, they will not know any of your passwords. Also, there is no electronic component in PassCard, so it is absolutely unhackable. By the way, of course, every PassCard is unique.

Free Digital User Guide

Please click the following button to download the free digital user guide for PassCard. It is in PDF format, A4 sized and printer-friendly.

Lost Your PassCard? No Problem.

If you need the graphics of your PassCard now, please submit the serial number of your card and your email address below. Then, we will send you the backup graphics of your PassCard by email in 24 hours. Please note the following distinct characters on your PassCard:

distinct characters white.png

Thank you for submitting. We will contact you in 24 hours.

Order a Replacement Card

If you want to order a replacement card, please visit and enter the serial number of your original PassCard in the designated field.

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