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About Us

In 2020, Minute Objects was founded in Hong Kong by a small group of friends, who specialize in design, science, engineering, and education.

We started working together because, with our wide variety of expertise, great ideas come up every time when we meet up. Moreover, we are all enthusiastic about producing new delicate small products, and therefore we created this brand.

In 2021, one of us has moved to Sheffield, the United Kingdom, and then another one has moved to Taipei, Taiwan, with the remaining teammates staying in Hong Kong. After that, we have been continuing to work together with a much broader scope.

Now, we have our main studio in Hong Kong, and also a second studio in Sheffield. Apart from working with various reliable manufacturers and experienced artists in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe, we are also able to produce some of our products by ourselves at our own workshops.

We will keep creating small but magnificent objects. Please stay tuned with us.

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