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A card stand that has one card slot, with two modes of holding a card on your desk.

Single-Slot Card Stand

    • Our single-slot card stand designed for various types of cards
    • Consists of one 1.5 mm card slot
    • Compact in size - 20 mm (L) x 20 mm (W) x 8 mm (H)
    • Your card can securely stand on this card stand horizontally or vertically at a slight angle on a flat surface
    • The card stand can also hold the left or right bottom corner of your card and it will stand securely on a flat surface
    • Designed for our metal cards and plastic cards
    • Also works with most other cards, such as business cards, gift cards and small greeting cards
    • Made of durable nylon material with a scratch resistant surface finish
    • Dimensions: 20 mm (L) x 20 mm (W) x 8 mm (H) (± 0.1 mm)
    • Card slot: 1.5 mm ± 0.1 mm
    • Material: nylon
    • Colour: black
    • Finish: scratch resistant surface finish
    • Place of origin: United Kingdom
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